Ipsen Kleve - EcoDiff: ahorro inteligente de energía en el tratamiento térmico gracias al control inteligente de la bomba de difusión

Saving energy is the order of the day – that’s the way to reduce rising costs and how companies can make an important contribution to achieving the 17 UN sustainability goals. Ipsen has recognized the signs of the times and with EcoDiff offers a surprisingly simple solution for operating existing high-vacuum furnaces in an energy-efficient manner.

EcoDiff stands for intelligent, process-dependent diffusion pump control. Because although the heating of oil diffusion pumps is normally switched on at 100 % to the maximum heating value, this is not absolutely necessary – and the consequence is unnecessary energy consumption. Thanks to EcoDiff, energy consumption can now be reduced to around 80% when the pump is active, and even to less than 50% when the pump is in standby mode – for example during the cooling phase or between two heat treatment cycles. All this, of course, without compromising pump performance during the high-vacuum process.

The advantages of EcoDiff at a glance:

  • Increased energy efficiency of existing Ipsen high-vacuum furnaces
  • Reduction of energy costs
  • More sustainability
  • Longer service life of the diffusion pump oil in use
  • Longer service life of the installed heating cartridges
  • Reduction of maintenance and repair costs

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