Heat-Treating Solutions for the Aerospace Industry

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At Ipsen, we craft our vacuum furnaces with your safety-critical and high-performance needs in mind. Our vacuum furnaces are equipped with powerful quenching and high-vacuum features, designed to cater to vital components such as landing gear, wing sections, and turbine assemblies. We take pride in serving diverse sectors within the aerospace and defense industry, including commercial OEMs, tiered suppliers, MRO providers, and space explorers.

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In addition to standard heat-treating processes, we offer solutions that deliver a variety of specialized applications, including vacuum aluminum brazing, solution nitriding (SolNit®) und vacuum carburizing with acetylene (AvaC®).

Ipsen vacuum furnace hot zone with parts in basket

Built to the highest quality standards for your mission-critical work, our furnaces are capable of meeting Nadcap and AMS 2750 requirements. Ipsen also offers accredited pyrometry services, including temperature controller calibrations, temperature uniformity surveys (TUS), and system accuracy tests (SAT).

For over 75 years, the Ipsen name has been synonymous with quality and service in the aerospace industry.

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