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We are experienced in building large vacuum furnaces with powerful quenching and high-vacuum capabilities for parts like landing gear, wing sections and turbine assemblies. We are well-versed in serving every industry within the aerospace market including commercial OEMs, tiered suppliers, defense, MRO suppliers and space explorers.

We offer solutions that deliver a variety of specialized processes, including vacuum aluminum brazing, solution nitriding (SolNit®) and vacuum carburizing with acetylene (AvaC®).

Built to the highest quality standards for your mission-critical work, our furnaces are capable of meeting Nadcap and AMS 2750 requirements. For 75 years, the Ipsen name has been synonymous with quality and service in the aerospace industry.

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“Aerospace Aluminum Brazing: Complying with AMS 2750 and Nadcap Requirements”

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