We understand the complexities of each market we serve. With customers in demanding industries, we empower manufacturers with furnace solutions and services that keep them operating at peak performance. Allow us to help your business take production and quality standards to the next level.

We are experienced in building large vacuum furnaces with powerful quenching and high-vacuum capabilities for parts like landing gear, wing sections and turbine assemblies. We are well-versed in serving every industry within the aerospace market including commercial OEMs, tiered suppliers, defense, MRO suppliers and space explorers.

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From prototyping to high-volume production, Ipsen offers vacuum furnaces in a variety of sizes that accommodate common heat-treatment processes used for AM, such as debinding, sintering, stress relieving and annealing.

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Lifetime support for peak performance.

Ipsen Customer Service fulfills your needs for genuine components, upgrades and retrofits, hot zone replacements, training and technical support. When you work with us, building your furnace is only the beginning of how we support you and the growth of your business.

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