Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

With Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things at the forefront of modern manufacturing, Ipsen is partnering with its customers to build factories of the future.

What to Expect

Full access to Ipsen’s technical resources through digital consultation so you can:

  • Identify ways to optimize processes
  • Maximize furnace operation
  • Seamlessly train your team
  • Effectively troubleshoot

Monitoring & Remote Assistance

Improve your mean times to diagnose and repair with Ipsen’s digital tools.

Ipsen PdMetrics is the heat treating industry’s smartest predictive maintenance IoT platform. PdMetrics is used to predict maintenance, helping operators plan for downtime. The platform also monitors furnace health, and detects and identifies issues in real time. Should the platform recognize an anomaly, PdMetrics will notify you and Ipsen’s technical team, so resources can be immediately assigned to support your case.

Remote assistance, which is possible through augmented reality (AR) tools, brings you together with an Ipsen expert for real time problem-solving and collaboration. Ipsen AR minimizes time on-site and maximizes the expectation of first-call resolution.

Let us build a digital toolbox for your operation.

Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Analytics consultants estimate a 20% reduction in downtime and 25% reduction in inspection costs for operations using AI-driven predictive maintenance.

Artificial intelligence will Improve your operational effectiveness by:

  • Reducing unscheduled furnace downtime.
  • Increasing mean time between repairs.
  • Using diagnostics to optimize recipe and cycle times.
  • Enabling self-service to resolve issues with step-by-step instructions.

Customer Enablement

Imagine a world where your facility becomes smart – with fleet analytics accessible from anywhere, at any time, for a 360° experience. Trends are not only identified but also implemented with the push of a button. Your processes become optimized for the highest ROI, using the least amount of energy and staff resources. All of this is impossible without these digital transformation solutions at your fingertips.

See it for yourself.

Schedule your digital consultation with one of Ipsen’s Industry 4.0 experts today.

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