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Due to their large size, most Ipsen furnaces need to be disassembled for shipping and then reassembled at their final destination. The initial installation process involves three key steps: leveling, alignment and anchoring of the furnace. After assembly, the furnaces must be connected to the plant’s utility systems, including electricity, inert gas and cooling water, to operate effectively.

Installation Options

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Ipsen will assign an Installation Engineer who will collaborate closely with your contractors to oversee the entire process from furnace delivery to full assembly. This Engineer will actively participate alongside the crew to ensure strict adherence to safety protocols and the accurate assembly of crucial joints and connections. Additionally, Ipsen will offer technical support for establishing the utility connections required for the furnace.

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Ipsen will assess all engineering design parameters, confirming the locations, sizing, and routing of utilities. Ipsen will also supply installation drawings outlining the utility paths from the supply point to the furnace. In addition, Ipsen will provide a scope of work document, which can serve as a tool for requesting fixed pricing quotations from your chosen contractors.

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Ipsen also provides a comprehensive “one-stop shopping” solution for your furnace installation needs, offering a fixed price for an all-inclusive installation package. This turnkey installation encompasses all the elements detailed in the preceding two options, along with expert installation services that cover every aspect of the project. Ipsen collaborates with reputable contractors specializing in trade work, including electrical, piping, and rigging. Our trusted partners bring years of experience, ensuring the successful completion of these essential tasks.

Our Commitment to Safety

Ensuring the safety of both our team members and yours is our top priority, and we are dedicated to creating the safest work environments possible. For more information, or to schedule installation services, contact Ipsen’s Installation Manager, Rod Rees or call Ipsen Customer Service.

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