Customized solutions for highest customer satisfaction – our success with the VDR(N)-1714-E / AutoMag line!

We are pleased to announce the order of a fully automated VDR(N)-1714-E / AutoMag line sold to the company Strömsholmen!
With a newly designed loader and furnace concept as well as the use of a roller conveyor, we ensure efficient production 24/7 through customized automation.
The project scope includes 4x VDR(N)-1714-E with the option to expand as well as a special cooling system for the VDR furnaces. We already received the order in February 2023; delivery is scheduled for mid-2024. Our solutions guarantee smooth production and maximum efficiency. The steps to implement the project were well thought out and targeted: Working closely with our customers enables us to understand their specific requirements and offer customized solutions.
We – as a company – are proud to be able to offer our customers innovative and advanced solutions that meet their needs.
Our goal is always to get the best out of our technology and help our customers succeed.