Ipsen packaging guideline

Verpackungsrichtlinien/Packaging guidelines

Nowadays, environmental protection and resource conservation are very important. The volume of packaging is often much higher than the goods packed in it. This costs time and energy for unpacking, sorting and disposing of the materials. This consideration is playing an increasingly important role in the choice of packaging.
Achieving global sustainable environmental goals is a joint effort. Please be part of it and support us by considering the following requirements.

Packaging requirements
The choice of packaging type depends on the product characteristics, the protection requirements, the mode of transport and the conditions at the supplier’s premises. Depending on the type of packaging, the primary objective is

  • Efficient utilisation of capacities to form rational loading units
  • Packaging should be reusable and free from contamination
  • Delivery of the parts free from contamination and without loss of quality
  • Ensure safe and easy handling of transport packaging during unloading and transport with industrial trucks

Consideration of environmental aspects
It is important to us to receive goods that are as packaging-optimised as possible. The implementation of the following measures demonstrably contributes to improving our environment:

  • Minimisation of packaging
  • Reusable packaging is desirable (especially outer packaging)
  • As little outer packaging as possible
  • Use reusable packaging wherever possible
  • Packaging should be free of harmful substances and must not be contaminated with substances that are harmful to the environment and health.
  • If possible, packaging should be made of one material to facilitate recycling (no coated paper, etc.)
  • Only use recyclable material
  • Packaging size should be adapted to the contents

Always without negative influences on the functionality of the packaging.

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