Vacuum Furnace Preventive Maintenance: Monthly Checklist


Extending the life of your vacuum furnace through preventive maintenance will result in decreased downtime and increased productivity.

In previous posts, we discussed some of the maintenance tasks that should be performed daily and weekly. Now, we continue with our monthly checklist.

Monthly Checklist

Furnace Interior & Exterior

⬜ Check all safety interlocks to ensure they are functioning properly.

⬜ Inspect hot zone ceramic insulators for any deposits that could cause an unwanted drain of power to ground that would affect the heating cycle. Check resistance to ground.

⬜ Check for deterioration of heating elements and thermocouples.

Transformers (VRT)

⬜ Check the transformer (VRT) and power terminal connections for tightness.

  • WARNING: Turn off the power to the transformers before checking.

⬜ Check electrical connection to power feedthrough bars for tightness.

  • WARNING: Turn off the power to the transformers before checking.

Pumps & Valves

⬜ Inspect all lines, fittings and connections of backfill gases from point of origin to backfill valve assemblies at the furnace for leaks.

⬜ Inspect the belt tensions on all pumps.

⬜ Open and flush the water strainer in furnace water lines.

⬜ Disassemble the manifold pressure-relief valves to inspect the springs and clean the valve bodies. Replace rusted or “dead” springs.

Control Cabinet

⬜ Remove any dust and/or dirt from the control cabinet(s).

⬜ Inspect the secondary power cables for wear and heat deterioration.

If you need further assistance, please contact Ipsen at 1-844-GO-IPSEN.

In our next post, we will go over preventive maintenance steps to perform semiannually.

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