Auto Components Manufacturer Purchases Series of Ipsen Furnaces

Ipsen TITAN H6 Vacuum Furnace

Cherry Valley, ILLINOIS (April 30, 2020) – Ipsen is pleased to announce the receipt of an order for two TITAN® H6 2 bar vacuum furnaces this week from a rapidly emerging global automotive components manufacturer with locations in the United States and Asia.  

“Despite general market conditions at the present time, we are seeing many forward-looking manufacturers continuing to invest in efficient, high-performance systems for the future.” Ipsen USA President and CEO Patrick McKenna said.

The customer awarded Ipsen this order as part of a series of eight furnaces—all provided by Ipsen—over the last two years. 

Ipsen’s TITAN was the customer’s preferred choice for this series due to the inherent process flexibility and ease of installation anywhere in the world, as well as the local support provided by Ipsen’s sales and service teams in both the U.S. and Asia.