Ipsen Kleve – EcoPump: intelligent vacuum pump control increases energy efficiency and reduces costs

How can energy be saved? This question is probably weighing on the minds of many at the moment, whether with a view to the climate crisis, sustainability requirements or the company balance sheet. With EcoPump, Ipsen offers a convincing and simple solution for increasing the energy efficiency of existing vacuum furnaces.

EcoPump stands for intelligent, process-dependent vacuum pump control. Because even though the vacuum pump normally runs at 100% during the entire heat treatment cycle, this is not absolutely necessary. Thanks to EcoPump, the vacuum pump can be switched off during certain program steps, such as convective heating of the charge or gas quenching, and also between individual heat treatment cycles. This has no effect whatsoever on pump performance during the rest of the heat treatment cycle – but it does have an impact on the environment and energy expenditure.

The advantages of EcoPump at a glance:

  • Increased energy efficiency of existing Ipsen vacuum furnaces
  • More sustainability
  • Longer service life of the vacuum pump oil in use
  • Longer service life of the vacuum pump motor
  • Reduction of maintenance and repair costs

Is that what you’re focused on?

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Author: Ralf Günther