Ipsen Supports Heat Treating Industry Educational Foundation

Ipsen Engineers look at drawings of furnaces

Cherry Valley, ILLINOIS (October 20, 2021) – During the Metal Treating Institute’s Fall Meeting, Ipsen, along with several other vested organizations, presented donations to support the MTI Educational Foundation, which provides scholarships for the next generation of heat-treating industry professionals.

“Education is crucial to bridging the workforce gap in our niche industry,” said Ipsen USA President and CEO Patrick McKenna. “Investing in the future of heat treating is important not only to Ipsen, but to our customers who will rely on our expert support for decades to come.”

The MTI Educational Foundation has granted 37 scholarships totaling $186,000 since 2017. This year they raised $45,000 at the Fall Meeting. One of the main goals of the foundation is to support education related to the advancement of the heat-treating profession and the adjacent industries it serves.

“The MTI Foundation is playing a key role in attracting the next generation of heat treaters by awarding scholarships and following up with the young people during their educational journey,” said MTI Educational Foundation Chair Buster Crossley. “As every industry is challenged to find labor, the Foundation is using its resources to connect graduates with career opportunities.”

Scholarship recipients are students pursuing careers in engineering, metallurgy and industrial sciences.

“The scholarship helped me gain valuable connections and experience in heat treating that led to job opportunities while still enrolled at Penn State,” said past recipient Thomas Pease. “I believe the future of the industry is bright. I look forward to being part of the growth of the industry and am extremely thankful to be one of the recipients of this award.”

During this three-day gathering, attendees also participated in sessions on various topics including labor market conditions and supply chain challenges.

To learn more about the MTI Educational Foundation, or to make a donation yourself, please visit their website here.