Ipsen USA Gains Significant Momentum in First Half of 2021

Ipsen Vacuum Technology Excellence Center
Ipsen Vacuum Technology Excellence Center, Cherry Valley, IL

Cherry Valley, ILLINOIS (June 15, 2021) – Ipsen’s Vacuum Technology Excellence Center has not only reached—but surpassed—its record 2018 pre-pandemic equipment sales pace during the first five months of this year. While standard furnace sales have steadily recovered since late 2020, the furnace manufacturer cites a spike in the purchase of specialized  equipment, including debind & sinter, aluminum brazing, oversized, and high quench pressure vacuum furnaces.

“Selecting Ipsen means placing trust in the entire Ipsen Team. Most of these projects have been in development for many months, some for years, and as the global economy showed early signs of recovery, many customers were anxious to act on their overdue investment plans,” said Ipsen USA President and CEO Patrick McKenna.

Despite varying degrees of uncertainty across different segments of the heat-treating market, a diverse product portfolio has bolstered Ipsen’s position as a trusted global partner for thermal processing equipment and related services. These recent orders include contracts from Asia, Canada and the United States, across the additive manufacturing, aerospace, commercial heat treating and medical industries.