Härterei Haferbier is back and investing in the future with Ipsen furnaces!

After the dramatic fire at Härterei Haferbier, things are now looking up again! Haferbier starts with full power and, together with Ipsen, is investing in the construction of the new hardening shop and thus in the future. 
The seven Ipsen ATLAS Green hybrid atmosphere chamber furnaces are part of this investment. The “ATLAS Green” from Ipsen is an atmosphere chamber furnace, which embodies the latest technology in heat treatment worldwide. This furnace stands for innovation and progress at the highest level. 
Among other things, these systems have a flexible hybrid heating system (hydrogen/multi-gas burner/electric heating). 
Another special feature is the innovative and intelligent Ipsen software I-Care, which can be used to record the CO2 footprint per part or batch at any time. Technology at the highest performance level.
Härterei Haferbier decided to make this investment in order to create a hardening shop of the future. The heat treatment systems are energy efficient and help to reduce CO2 emissions. Haferbier is thus setting an example for sustainable industry and environmental protection.
We think it’s great that companies like Härterei Haferbier are taking responsibility and thinking about sustainability. 
It is important that we all do our part to protect our environment and find sustainable solutions.