Vacuum Aluminum Brazing Furnaces Built Over 30 Years Produce Identical, High-Quality Parts

The Challenge:

Every day, California Brazing manufactures extremely critical and powerful components, such as cold plates used to cool Aerospace electronics. To continue providing these high-quality parts to multiple industries, they needed a new heat-treating system that could produce parts that met the strict industry standards specified by the AWS C3.7 Aluminum Brazing Specification and AMS 2750 Pyrometry Specification, and were identical to the parts produced by their other furnaces.

Winning Outcome:

A manufacturer of critical brazed components, California Brazing already had two vacuum aluminum brazing (VAB) furnaces and a carefully developed 30-year relationship with Ipsen’s Engineering and Support Teams. These two VAB furnaces also provided California Brazing with the ability to meet applicable AWS C3.7 and AMS 2750 requirements.

As such, they decided to purchase an additional VAB furnace identical their existing VAB furnaces. This new furnace not only met California Brazing’s immediate requirements of being a robust system that produced identical parts, but it also provided other advantages that positively impacted production and their bottom line.

To start, they continued to see the reduced lead times and minimized part distortion that their previous VAB furnaces had also made possible. This was due to the furnace’s incorporation of multiple individually controlled heating zones that enable fast cycle times and precise, uniform heating of the workload. They also experience reduced maintenance costs with the furnace’s use of joint-free heating elements. This was because the element design eliminated resistance buildup and hot spots, and by doing so, resulted in the surrounding hot zone experiencing a longer life span.

Through the addition of their third VAB heat-treating system, California Brazing has been able to manufacture an even larger variety of critical brazed components, including cold plates, heat exchangers, waveguides and antennas – all with minimized lead times.

As a result, they can continue to invest in brazing and machining equipment so they can grow and expand their business while also increasing their ability to provide high-quality products that enable critical systems to achieve peak performance.